She's Dying

August 17, 2012
By Anonymous

She's Dying
As she lays in her bed, day to day with no movement
Her blank stare overlook her treasured memories
Her cold skin which once warmed one's body now shattered
She's Dying
The pops of pill caps add a sound to the quiet lifeless room in which she now lives in
The voice that once told a message to the world now holds the faded sounds of a women broken
Her silky hair that was touched by the many hands of her children are now dim and filled with the sweat of stress and brittle as the sidewalk concrete
She's Dying
As her body merely out weights that of paper
Her eyes as red as the cherry on top of a sundae in which was her favorite
And she closes her eyes as she begins to fall asleep and one, not knowing if it would be her last

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