A Frown

August 16, 2012
A Smile is worth a thousand words,
But a Frown is worth a million.
A smile basically means you're happy,
But a frown can be so much more.

A Frown can be anger,
And it can be dread.
It can be from a stressful day,
Or from what someone else said.

It can be from waking up on the wrong side of the bed.
Or maybe your stomache's growling and you haven't been fed.

It can mean you're feeling a lot of pain.
Or it can mean from your feelings your trying to refrain.

It can mean your sad and feeling low,
But you want to be strong and refuse to let go.

It can mean you regret the past and it haunts you day by day.
It can mean that you're disappointed and life's not okay.

It can mean you are in shame of something you have done.
Or maybe the fact you aren't having any fun.

A smile is worth a thousand words,
But a frown has a million meanings.

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