Goodbye Floaties

August 16, 2012
I walk the plank all the way out
To the edge of the diving board,
Glancing back at my mom and dad
Holding up M&M’s as a reward.
I nervously glanced down, gasped in horror
At the sparkling blue abyss
As my life flashed before my eyes
And I blew to my mother one last kiss -
I jumped, falling through the air
Seconds that seemed like forever
When I finally hit the water, though
I was thankful for that endeavor
It felt so cool, so welcoming
Enveloping me in fun
I swam all day, learning various strokes
Smiling in the sun
I’m on a swim team now
#4 is my rank
On that one day long ago,
I am so thankful I walked the plank.

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