Little Feet

August 16, 2012
By Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
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I look away suddenly
In the direction
Of the pattering
Little feet storming
Around the house
Reminiscing everyday
That had
Gone by since
I brought
My little girls
The day I became
A man
Before I used to
Think to be
A man was
To pay your
Own bills and
Have your own
Car, but since
I was gifted with
The presence
Of two beautiful
Baby girls
I know what it means
To be a man
To be a father
Waking up 3 in the
Not to feed them or
Change them
But secure them
And embrace them
In my arms
Till the rising sun
Would wake us
Then as I
Lay there
With them in my
Arms and on
My chest
I shall continue
Embrace them
Before not too
Long they will
Be gone
And off to college
Or married
And have children
Of their own
Leaving me behind
Till the day
I once again listen
To the patter
Of little feet

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