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August 16, 2012
By Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
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You trespassed the inner boundaries of my soul, but you only stayed for a moment
Leaving my heart scarred with your beauty and innocence
Reigniting the fire in my heart, leaving the flames to devour the next intruder
Your silence was a blood-cuddling scream of anguish, set out to break my soul
I was like that one bad apple in every barrel, never feasted upon because my body was tattooed with the impurity of my sins
But you chose me of all the others in spite of my impurity
You cleansed me of my sins with love and affection…..
Before you, I would wake up every morning to the excitement of Russian roulette;
Gripping my fate in one hand, aiming at the empty shell that carries my mind and memories,
Reciting a new prayer each time before hugging my destiny a little harder….
Dull memories encrypting my mind, until only one image appeared onto the screen, it was
My one and only salvation from this world
Like John, I too had little faith; until I too was pulled from the depths of my own disbelief
Carried out of the abyss, you showered me with love until I was fully baptized, while
Heaven met earth like a sloppy wet kiss
Merging our vocal juices
As I pulled my identity from yours
As our souls resonate, I thank you once again for loving me for me
And I also thank you for being You

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