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Romeo And Juliet

August 16, 2012
By Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
Mr.Dominican125 GOLD, Miami, Florida
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I sit down in class, and you sit
Next to me blessing me with
Your presence
Reminding me daily there is a
Reason to go on
But we’re good friends and
I don’t want to ruin this
Relationship that we having going
Sometimes it feels like hint that
Feel for me, but those feelings you
Aren’t truly showing
To be honest I wanna love you
With every fiber of my being
I wanna lay you in a bed of roses and
Fully embrace your heart
Laying there next to you without
A single impure thought
Crossing my mind
Just simply embracing your
Thoughts as they pass by
One after another just casually
Waving bye
But no I can’t… oh but I want you
So bad…
But I can’t, I must restrain
Myself, I must put limitations on
The configuration on our
I must hold back every tear
I wanna cry
Every sad song
I wanna sing
And every poem
I wanna write
I must not let us convert
Ourselves into Romeo and Juliet
We may be star-crossed lovers
But I will write us an
Alternate ending,
A happy ending
I will rewrite every single line and
Act, renouncing the moments
Our love was doubted…
Breaking down unnecessary plot
Twists and deciphering every
I wanna grow old with you, as it
Seems we still have a long way
To go
I want us to enjoy every waking
Moment of one another and
We may even have a few children
Along the way, so who knows
I want you to comprehend the
Immense love and devotion I
Have for you

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