Yesterday's Piercing

August 8, 2012
By , Sparta, NJ
I woke up the next morning,
Makeup smeared across my face.
Not sure where I was,
But vodka and cigarettes was all I could taste.
My body was filled with aches,
But the worst was in my ear.
As I reached up to touch it, yesterday’s piercing was all I could feel.
Just another drunk mistake to add to the collection.
I looked for my shoes,
And tried to find some recollection.
I started the night saying, “I won’t get too wasted”.
But now alcohol was all that could be tasted.
“I’ll only take one hit.”
But then I took two more.
And eventually two turned into four.
I looked in the mirror,
And whispered, “You look like s***.”
Little did I know, rock bottom is where I hit.

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