Mountain Soliloquy

August 15, 2012
By KlarissaS GOLD, Ephraim, Utah
KlarissaS GOLD, Ephraim, Utah
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Everything is different up here, peaceful.
Worries melt away up here, it’s restful.
I wish I could stay right here forever-
Would I want to leave this abode? Never.
The sights, the views, are incomparable.
Everything’s magnificent, nothing dull.
The streams, the trees, the plants, the wildlife
Block out the ugly things and bring no strife.
The scents, the smells, so refreshing and clean,
Mask the air with a sweet perfume it seems.
The flowers, the shrubs, the bushes and pine
Fragrance the land that I wish was all mine.
Experiences, memories, feelings
Rejuvenate body and mind, healing.
It’s a different world up here, so high
Sometimes the hardest thing is saying goodbye.
But soon it will be time for me to go
Not wanted, but necessary I know.
Back to everyday life of work and school
Not bad, not sad, but not nearly as cool.
I love being here with family and friends,
There’s something about it that never bends.
Maybe it’s just me but rapture is near.
And for now, I’ll just cherish the time I have here.

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