Angel of My Dreams

August 11, 2012
My body aches deep inside.
In a search for that one,
My path is darkening though.
With glints of false bearers
Blinding my path.
Many to lead my heart to pain.
But somewhere along the unending trail
Is a candle bearer just for me,
A beauty that will shine
Brighter than any light.
A beacon of hope
In a lifeless void.
My stride begins to quicken
Sensing my candle bearer near.
A search filled with pain,
A trail so long,
One so lonely.
Unable to hide the joy I feel.
Yet no words were spoken yet.
We only have met,
But a spark flames
A weeping heart.
I stand in awe at the sight of her
Tears rise in the shinning angels eyes
No sadness drips its chilly fingers
Into these droplets,
Only joy stems from my love.
But she is shackled
The past weighs heavy on delicate shoulders.
Tangled in a snarled web of pain
Scars taper her gentle skin
Showing the pain
The cruelty of using men.
A sight of welcome wells within her eyes
One longing for comfort
Fearful of loneliness.
The sweet angel turns away though
Hoping to hide her true self
But nothing kept me away.
I stare into the deep green that envelop her eyes
They well with pain
Hiding the truth I search for.
In dark crevasse of her mind I find what I seek,
A fragmented crystal heart
One created through happiness
Her eyes show so much pain
But the battle begins for control
As love and happiness align to take power
The angel trembles
Woeful of rejection
A heart broken and mending many times before
Unable to handle another blow
I stand my ground
Showing stubbornness
But a promise,
To never leave.
I try to free my angel from her cage
Destroying the tangled web
Holding her tight. The angel smiles,
Spreading light on my darken path
Showing the true way
But I will not go alone.
Her laugh is sweeter
Than any music
But her scars burn images
Into her body
Hurt by a troubled past
She hides them,
hoping to never relive them.
I embrace the pain she felt
I pull my angel close
To feel her heart
Beat a rhythm with mine
A simple kiss ignites the landscape
Passions flows around us.
We begin to trudge on
Wishing for the best
Hoping her shackled past
Will be lost along the way.
A path once walked alone
Is now walked by two,
Hand in hand they trudge on
The angel of my dreams
To guide me
Along the darkened path.

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