Gascon for Cupid

August 11, 2012

fondly anticipated cud of recollections,
bitter predominated sweet meditations.
pleasantly interrupted D'Artagnan,
Two reasons;
particular pleasure in the society of frank,
shrewd Gascon;
and circumstances of early life.
A tinge of melancholy.
Tone of mind, altered habits of existence,
a spirit of youth and buoyancy,
A relief, the society of man esteemed
as he, D'Artagnan.
The Gascon in excellent spirits
cool,observant eye,feverish than natural;
eye sparkly, tongue
voluble, laugh loud,
nervous twitching of the muscles
excitement by opium or wine
Cheerfulness of youth, auspicious night.
Fascinating Englishwoman?
D'Artagnan, rubbing his hands,
" my revenge is complete"

The author's comments:
This is something called a censorship poem where you get a page of text and put a black line through words that you don't find interesting. What you're left with comes together as a poem. This one as you can see is taken from The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and this is the bit where D'Artagnan gets his revenge on Milady.

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