August 10, 2012
When the ocean crashed upon the shore, did you ask it to withhold its fury?
When the wind became a violent ghost, did you ask it to stop haunting you?
When the rain never appeared in the mist of your dessert, did you ask it to hurry?
When your blood became toxic and temperance no longer would reign, what did you do?
If your sky was as clear as mine, would you change your mind to match it?
If someone would number the stars for you, would you finally adore the night?
It seems like you never gave anyone a real amount of anything.
You are the one hiding from the world not from fright.
No you hid from humiliation and being sober.
You don’t live life to satisfy a soulful hunger.
You live for a fix or kiss.
With every little thing you’re tempted to try the new bliss.
The hollow in your chest will one day reap what it sowed.
When your body gives in and your heart rate slows.
Then you’ll see what I always saw.
Not a man, not nearly human being after all.

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