August 10, 2012
By , Zarqa, AZ
Cherry bath scent hugging our pink bathing suits
as we made beards of bubbles
and vowed to conquer the world;
two hopeful kids building dreams
like blocks in this bathroom.

The sink cluttered with makeup,
the air choking with too much perfume
as we fought over time in front of the mirror to fix our hair,
nervous teens fussing over our very first dates
"What does 'second base' mean anyway?! Its not a baseball game!"

The stench of vomit drowning everything away…
All grown up, I held your long hair off your pale face
while you emptied out the alcohol, drugs and pain.
I kissed your damp brow,
wishing I could erase all your mistakes.

Yes, we grew up;
but you lost your dad on the way…
You surrendered to the grief;
you placed your future
in the jagged hands of fate.

Look in this mirror,
look past the red shot eyes reflecting self-hate!
I want you back! Who is this stranger
who abandons dreams and rejects love?!
Remember! Remember that 5 yr old girl, covered in suds.

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