August 10, 2012
By JustAnOrdinary_GIRL BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
JustAnOrdinary_GIRL BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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There is always three sides to a stroy: your side, my side, and the truth

You hurt me
You broke me
You took my heart
Tore it out
Threw it on the ground
Stomped on it then made me drown in my misery
You didn't even have the decency to give it back
Now it follows you around like a slave on chains that grows weary everyday
And the only thing I can do is hold my head down in shame
Because I don't want anyone to see my face after this dreadful heartbreak
And the bad part is when people try to love me I cry
And every moment it happens I wish you would die
Or at least give me my heart back so I can move on
So that I can let someone love me instead of holding on
Holding on to you
Holding on to something that I want to loose
So stop holding on to the past and let me enjoy my life
Stop making me put up with your bull and your strife
If you love me you would let me go
Let me be free and fly on my own
Beyonce said it
One plus one equals two
So that means one minus one equals the break up of me and you so move
Get out of my way
Step to the right and exist the stage
And remember that this was only an off Broadway play
So not many people would care if we weren't as happy on opening day or that you were replaced

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