The Book Thief's dying love

August 10, 2012
By Genae BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Genae BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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He stands watch as I crawl in
And alerts me when someone is coming.
He asks every single day
For the one thing I swore I would not give me
Jumping into what is like an ice bath
To save the thing I truly love
I know without him I couldn’t have this special thing
For that I have realized he is my true love
But we are in very tough times at the moment
And we can’t go passed the ice bath of a river
This is where I knew I loved him
I can’t see my life without him
Just like I can’t see my life without my foster parents
The man who rules us now has killed innocent people including the one I love
Yeah that one thing, the only thing he ever wanted from me
I finally gave him, when he died right in front of me
I cried and cried with him now in my arms
I tried to pretend he was sleeping so I finally kissed him

The author's comments:
This piece was written on behalf of my summer reading book called "The Book Thief"

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