A Million Bracelets

August 10, 2012
I want to buy a million bracelets
to hide the invisible scars that line up my wrist
Made long ago
carved in with each lie that drips off lips
acting like acid to unprotected layers of skin and soul
I want to buy a million bracelets
to draw attention to my slim wrists
and not to my smiles, that don't even reach my eyes most times than not
A tiring task I can assure you
I want to buy a million bracelets
bright colored ones
silver ones
and gold ones
charm bracelets with dozens of lockets and pictures and words
The pretty ones with clovers and keys to missing locks
Not because they are a dazzling masterpiece against my skin
but because they are like an open window to a distraction,
away from reality and the stress and pain it brings
Away from memories better left forgotten
I want to buy a million bracelets
to weigh down my arms,
so when the numbness sets in my soul,
my body would still feel real
heavy with metal and not with burdens
I want to buy a million bracelets
Expensive ones and cheap ones
the ones from Macy's, JCPenny's and just down the block
the ones that don't even match any other piece of jewelry that I owe
so that I can showcase pieces of my self without having to open my mouth
without having to waste my breath, a thing so precious to me these days
I want them to range in style, each unique
I'll even accept the generic ones
I want the ones with music notes and stringed letters, beads and fragile hearts
because they are things undervalued, overused and abused
bought and resold to the next careless monster hiding behind human flesh
I want to buy a million bracelets,
because in truth
I have nothing more to call my own.
I want to buy a million bracelets

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