Desert of Despair

August 14, 2012
I’m stranded in this wasteland
Between pure joy and deep despair
Where bitter meets with sweet
And broken dreams float in the air

Staring at the bright side, I recognize some good
Though my view is limited underneath this heavy hood

A cloud consumes me, engulfing me in depression
How can I stand to not buckle under its compression?

Waves swallow me whole
Darkness seems to tear away at my soul

Falling: that’s how it feels; helpless, hopeful, squalling

All I ever wanted was so close, I could taste it
Almost didn’t have to go out again and chase it

As quickly as they came, my dreams disappeared
Shadows replacing the beliefs I had once held so dear

Only when the sun is high and the world is again clear
Will my beloved thoughts and dreams ever think to reappear

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