August 14, 2012
By Night_Shade203 SILVER, Barrington, New Hampshire
Night_Shade203 SILVER, Barrington, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
~Ralph Waldo Emmerson

The day the world shattered ,
I met a glass man
Standing on the sidewalk,
Counting cars that passed.
He stared for a moment
At me, trudging down -
Down the long, gray, bare hill.
The man wore a suit,
And a silken tie was
Tucked neatly under
Stiff fabric. And he asked,
"Why do you trudge so,
Down the long, gray, bare hill?
Has something happened,
That I am unaware?"
I stared at the shards
Littering the sidewalk -
Shards of lives, scattered
Shards of the world, shattered.
I stared at the hill.
Down the long, gray, bare hill
There ran a deep crack -
Ran a long, black, deep crack.
I stared at the man
And knew he could not see
The white shards - black crack.
Just the long, gray hill
And me. Nor could he see
The darkness, swirling
Just above his collar,
Just enough to see,
Hidden inside the glass,
Covered by the suit.
But the world had shattered,
And now I could see
The white shards, the black crack.
I saw through the glass -
Saw the darkness, swirling.
I stared at the man
And I shrugged. "It's nothing."
I said, and walked down -
Down the long, gray, bare hill -
Black crack beside me,
White shards on the sidewalk
Cracking underfoot.

The author's comments:
I think there's a point in every one's life when we realize that our world is really broken. Adults don't have all the answers, and life doesn't always have happy endings. This is the moment when we truly grow up. It is not a pleasant experience, but a necessary one. This moment happened for me personally earlier this year and in a way, everything has changed. But because we can look at the world without being deceived, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. We just have to learn to walk through the shards.

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