there's ahead more and more ...

August 14, 2012
By Anonymous

I’m sorry I wasn’t there
I’m sorry I couldn’t but stare
I’m sorry I said nothing
I’m sorry I didn't share…

Forgive the silence I couldn’t break,
Forgive the step I didn’t take ….
Forgive the tear I didn’t wipe
But I swear I cried inside !

I gave you no shoulder to cry on
I wasn’t the perfect friend I promised to be
I gave you no attention at that time …
But please forgive the sorrow I couldn’t see!!

Deep inside I wished it wasn’t true ,
To see you that weak but can do nothing for you
I must have hugged you tight
I must have been affected by this sight…

Forgive my weakness
Forgive the pain of loss
Make it sound me saying:"it’s okay"…
Help me make our trauma cross…

Forgive the fact that I changed
Forgive that it wouldn’t be so if before…
Forgive the fact that this is life
Forgive that there’s ahead more and more…

The author's comments:
my friend was grieving for the loss of her teacher and I sat there just typing on my phone this !...

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