Secrets I Shouldn't Know

August 14, 2012
By Anonymous

The hardest thing to do
is unravel your past
A journal can tell a lot
about someone
standing on your side of wrath

I had seen everything
through one thick haze
But as I dig deeper,
I discover your life's maze
I don't want to go further
and discover the "truth's lies"
I don't want to think anything Else of you
except the father I had in mind
If your a whole other person
I believed that you've changed
But all the other secrets,
She took the grave
All that was left
was the journal that was destroyed
And I never had the chance
to come close
to what was known

Because I'm "you're little sunshine..."
And I know someday that,
that haunting melody will
eventually kill me
I'll erupt
and burst into tears
and share with you the secrets
I have dug up through all these years.
But, until then I plan
to die with it on my lips
And every night
I'll wish on every star
that you'll find one day
that you want to change-
for me.

The author's comments:
This is a very personal poem- which is why I posted under anonymous. I've learned things recently that I connected to other things and everything became a lot clearer. It was hard to deal with all these secrets and it still is.

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