August 14, 2012
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An Object
by Jasmine L-m on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 6:35pm ·

No different from the rest,

Raised in a home,

Had a mom and a dad,

Christmas with family,

Birthday parties with friends,

She stayed in school,

But despised it till the end.

As a kid she knew,

what most adults did,

And decided to partake,

In their great acts of sin,

Little did she know,

What her life would hold,

When she moved from her life,

Hell was her home,

She wasn't happy,

She hated being nobody,

Her family fell apart,

as all tend to do.

She was in a new neighborhood,

and struggled with being true,

After the constant tears,

The pain from all the years,

She found ehr strength,

and escaped her fears,

her friends were real,

her smiles weren't fake,

she didn't feel like she was gonna break.

Highschool hit,

her legs opened,

her cherry was stretched,

that's when it began,

one after another,

age was not a matter,

none of them cared,

she never seemed to bother,

at sixteen she was an it,

a one night f***,

daddy's little girl,

a sideline whore,

not a person but a thing,

a toy for the boys to sin,

she was wounded and bled,

but still they went in,

that's all she became,

a ring for the pimp.

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