August 14, 2012
By Rafen325 BRONZE, Centereach, New York
Rafen325 BRONZE, Centereach, New York
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I have studied the ancient pagan faiths that came before this more recent obsession with a single, divine creator. They seem to have focused more on the fundamental forces at play in the world around us and less on arbitrary moral rules...
The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The tides ebb and flow. Grass grows, withers, dies, and then in time, emerges from the ground once more. The air turns warm then cools and back again. Some hidden energy keeps us fitted to the ground and pulls us back when we attempt to leave it.
Each of these movements was represented before by a god or goddess. Each force given face, but recognized as something distinct and powerful. Which is not to say there were not connections between these forces – a pantheon of individual spirits – of rules. Invisible hands guiding the progress of the world around us.
And so here there was an attempt to categorize, study, explain, and understand the way things work – even if it was flawed. But no more. Now we are asked to succumb to a far more simplified explanation. How naive to believe there might be a single answer to every question. Every mystery. That there exists a lone divine light which rules over all. They say it is a light that brings truth and love. I say it is a light that blinds us – and forces us to stumble about in ignorance.
I long for the day when men turn away from invisible monsters and once more embrace a more rational view of the world. But these new religions are so convenient – and promise such terrible punishment should one reject them – I worry that fear shall keep us stuck to what is surely the greatest lie ever told.

When we first met it was like the beginning of a trainer's journey, 
With nothing more then a pokeball to catch such a legendary beauty,
Eventually I got a great ball and my chances had improved,
But still it wasn't enough to catch the love of someone as great as you,
I finally got an ultra ball and put it to the test,
But you were better than the others and stronger then the rest,
I keep waiting for the day when I get the master ball,
And have the the things I need to come and tell you all,
Because with the master ball I'll have blessings from above,
To finally after all this time capture your unbreaking love

The author's comments:
I wrote this about a girl I love but that I haven't been able to "catch" the affections of. For this poem I'm trying to say that I'm doing better and better things to get her love but haven't found the best thing yet. I'm not trying to make a euphemism.

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