Make It Happen

August 13, 2012
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Make something happen,
Satisfy that longing,
To do what you’ve always wanted,
Shape the dream,
Make your ambitions a reality,
Get your education,
Take the time to learn,
Be aware but don’t conform,
Build your mind,
Retain as much of what you see,
Question all that you hear,
Nurture the intelligence,
You’ll know where you stand,
To belittle your ambitions,
It’d be irrelevant,
Not a thought in your mind,
It wouldn’t happen for the hell of it,
Do you what you love,
Dedicate yourself to it,
What’s the point if you don’t care?
You’ll only be going nowhere,
How disappointing would it be,
If you didn’t bother to manifest your fantasy,
How great would it be to live in ecstasy,
No need for a drug,
Your happy is the high,
Everyday you’ll know you’re truly alive,
You’re doing something that’s worth the strive,
Creating a reason to progress,
To keep going despite the stress,
Just take the dream and mould it,
Organize it and pursue it,
Live in true happiness,
Be the odd one out,
The one who knows what a smile is really about,
Capture that ambition,
Treasure the dedication,
When it comes down to it,
Your happiness won’t be a dream.
With your ambition,
Your reality will be what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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