The hidden vanishes

August 13, 2012
By zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Hate cannot outstrive hate, only love can do that
Darkness cannot outstrive darkness only light can do that


You my brother will not sit there in strain, nor my peaceful sisters, in pain
You will not sit there and feed off us slaves blisters, its carving deep inside my vain
Ropes were tied around our backs, treated like a filth of trash, still is my anxiety
To wish you the best of fate, and the sentiment of notoriety be vanished quickly
So don’t dare to feel rudeness which was weighed down inside many of us slaves
To guide, care, and praise everlastingly till the end and shout for the braves
It’s in my force too wish you top, with the worship full of meaning, wishing for no tear drop
I wasn’t the worst treated, I was basically free! But with our emotion that you feel the same
Not partial what the person you call king has done, but with faith and determination before the war, the battle by you was already won
Your depression speaks to the joyful inspiration life of your future
Hold upon the tips of your nerves, a cruel way won’t due
Don’t worry if you don’t have strong hands to battle, the heart and mind will rescue
So my fellow unknown citizens should listen because I care deeply for their hurt
I’ve been apart of slavery but not too severely buried in dirt; I learned to read and published magazines
May your stunning minds open but your damaged bruises close and clean

I may long be gone- but know I was here and cared, loved and worshiped to a degree
Could flowers bloom and blood dry with none to die, with all delight when you win end with joyful cries
Walk to the end of your footsteps and wait for your echo to resound, and at that moment take the key, no more taxes, and mercantilism, forever you will be free till the end, because
You my brother will not sit there in strain, nor my peaceful sisters, in pain

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