A Win for the Worse

August 13, 2012
By Ken Pascal SILVER, New Canaan, Connecticut
Ken Pascal SILVER, New Canaan, Connecticut
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I see the gear and water bottles
Scattered haphazardly across our sideline.
I smiled as the camera flashed.
I smelled the nearby barbeques;
Coaches’ yells and commencing whistles
resounded in my ears.
Other teams battled in the background;
Referees discussed a call.
Our team’s red, black, and white colors
Blur our figures together,
A true team.

The indescribable feeling of victory is
Shared amongst our team.
It was a close game and a well-earned win.

None of us were thinking that day.
We were only thinking about our own roles,
Our individual glory.
For it was a short-lived victory.
D1 CONNY championship,
What an opportunity.
Who would have known,
With the surprises that day brought.

What good is second place?
Why bother smiling after winning semis?
Yet, that is exactly what we did.
Such a happy shot
Turned into a loathsome ending.
“Blame it on the ref.”

We were like beavers,
Practicing to perfection.
Working and working,
Only for our den to collapse.

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