August 13, 2012
By Anonymous

I just about lost it.
Had a dream about you and we're all set
Because I'd leave after you'd left.
Go our separate ways,
A parked car and an empty head--
Weighed down by vast plans and what could have been.
So we're done and that's that.


Nope. Guess what, screw logic.
I would like to resubscribe
As my last subscription expired
And I'm tired of this emptiness,
Bored, and I'd have to guess
That you feel the same way
As there was that one day far back
When you said you couldn't imagine
Another dream, day, dimension
Alone, lost in dejection, rejection, inaction--
I mean--
Such finality astounds me, of course,
Because first we couldn't get enough,
And then suddenly we're cursed
And everything's for the worst
All the way to the point where
I'm actually surprised the airbags didn't go off.

Fast forward.

Let's say that I blew it.
And you knew it,
But you stuck to it,
You grew and renewed
And we're back where we started,
Exactly the way it was before--
The one opinion that you bothered to hold anymore--
Because that's what you do...
But that's you.
And at this point I'm beginning to realize
That I am not you
And you
Are not yourself

So I guess I'd say we're through.

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