August 13, 2012
By Neoshadow BRONZE, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Neoshadow BRONZE, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
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Vincent Valentine: "I don't care what you're doing, so much as the idiotic way you're doing it"

All through the night, I walk the beach
With moonlit sands and stars out of reach
I hear the calming waves reaching out
And it almost seems fake when I doubt
But this is a place, humble and true
A place where I can come and see you
As I look into your eyes with mine aglow
I realize that which was long ago
Tho you remain far away and distant
I can always look up so unhesitant
To look up at your smiling face up there
But only at night through the clear air
Although clouds dare cover your face
I can always come to this sacred place
For you truly are a beautiful sight
With looks that make me want to take flight
I do love you with all my heart
But you and I are so far apart
Until I can survive space so cold
All that can be said is this old
Where I sit with the waves at my feet
And eyes aglow with your radiant beat
With the sands of time as my seat

The author's comments:
I was inspired by MLP: FiM's Princess Luna and the Moon itself.

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