Have no guilt

August 13, 2012
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When you're young, no one is allowed to judge your mistakes.
At that time in life, you should be creating your path.
But if one was to give a sneer look, pay no attention to them.
For once they were young, but lived as scared smalls hens.

I have not finished my time of making the wrong choice.
Never well I behave or watch my tone of voice.
And if they are going to treat me like a small child,
I will not be mild in slip-up; no I will be badly wild.

When I grow older and enter the real world of life.
People will ask who raised this girl that's not fit to be a wife.
Then all fingers will be pointed at the one who blamed me.
Funny how my parent only now realised it was them.

I like to dream of the future in this special way.
Where suddenly it will become okay to not be okay.
Yet, my generation has a habit of picking out the bad,
Not in the world, but in themselves...truly it's just sad.

Everyone will blame it on the teenager but not those of the past.
The people who’d love would come and go, but never ever last.
Thousands of my kinds have taken a bullet to their own head.
People now only having regrets of what they last said.

If people could be taught that they aren’t expected to be perfect,
Maybe the world would have a lot less to later on correct.
I like to dream of a future in this special way.
When suddenly it will become okay to not be okay.

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