August 12, 2012
When I was feeling my worst
You never backed away
When I yelled and screamed at you
You didn't give up on me
When I felt like
You gave me hope
When I fell at your feet
You didn't see a pathetic piece of trash
When I thought I was a pathetic piece of trash
You saw a girl afraid of love
NOTHING made you leave
The screaming
The yelling
The cursing
The insensitivity
The impatience
But most of all the fear
You talked one on one with me
Saying that you love,care and wanted me to go with you
I,at first,was unwilling to trust you with my heart
You,being as amazing as you are,waited patiently
I finally gave my heart to you saying not to break it
Not only didn't break it you changed it to be filled with
Compassion for others
I was
NOTHING without you
You've made me
And loving
NOTHING made you leave me
NOTHING going to make me leave you

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