I will always love you

August 12, 2012
What did we do to each other? How could we commit such a treacherous act? We had fallen in love. Too far. It was dangerous. But we didn't care. Look at us now. We can't even stand to look at each other. We grew so accustomed to the constant talking and laughing. This silence seems foreign to me now. I hate it. It makes me feel worried and scared - just plain alone. I'm longing for your voice in my ear again, for your arms around me, your lips pressed against mine. I need to know if you're okay. I need to know if you want me to move on. I need to know if you could ever forgive me. I need to know if you still love me. I'm sorry for what I did. I had no choice. You are amazing. But I couldn't be your victim any longer. I was confident when I met you. You were insecure. Now over time, it seemed like it was opposite. I knew the reason though - you got your confidence by beating me down. You pointed out all my flaws while I pointed out all your strength. Now we both walk away with a broken heart. I have to deal with my baggage. I have to pick myself back up again. But I will always remember the good times. I will always remember your smile. I will always love you. But I have to go now. Goodbye.

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BlueSunset said...
Aug. 26, 2012 at 4:52 pm
I really liked this poem, really nice. Good choice of words too ;) Lots of emotion poured into it, try and do more work like this I guess ;)
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