The Things I've Said Always Sound Better In My Head

August 12, 2012
By BParolisi BRONZE, North Port, Florida
BParolisi BRONZE, North Port, Florida
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The men in red scarves walked over the grate
Contemplating each and everyones fate
"The stars", one said "Are neither early nor late"
"But they have an appetite that nothing can sate."
"They'll use you up, untill they've had enough"
"And throw you away, unless you are tough"
"That may be true", said man number two
"The brighter they are, the farther from view, "
"As close as they get, they'll always allude"
"But to settle for less, is inhuman to do.

"The wind chilled thier bones, As they walked, all alone
Forever grasping towards some sense of home
but as dark as the night, and just out of sight
The spite of the evening crept out with delight
And through the darkness and through the wind
Cries the human spirit, "Don't let it all in!

"The men both froze, and knew enough to know
By a chance meeting out there in the snow
With ego abound, and rabid like hounds
"It's a quick jump for a woman to put on a crown"
And to others seem like a star, so far away
Projecting her light, to you, one day.
Sure you may try and you may stray,
But if her light hits you, you have to obey
And sure it may seem like she's just a flame
That will either go out, or burn and maim
But it's important to try, and I'll tell you why
Trying and doing are one in the same.

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