August 12, 2012
liveamongthestarsdieamongthepeople GOLD, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Why I am here, I know not; where I shall go, it is useless to enquire. In the midst of myriads of the living and the dead worlds, stars, and infinity why should I be anxious of an atom?
-Lord Byron

Timeless buildings, ancient maze, fields and lakes
Open doors, heart beat slows, slight fecal smell
Dripping water, sepia 1940’s, light of birch bark
City Works unknown, common place, passed day by day
The deeper you go into the woods, the quiet whispers fill your head
Everywhere you roam something drops, something slams, something creaks
But it is just a sound, plastic boxes flapping in the wind, rustled animals, forget-me-nots, muddy shore, shallow swamps, lake unheard of shining bright? Cunning sunlight filtering shadows
Locks once locked now open ahead while others remain in darkness
Hollow Wicca, tricks of the mind, unrevealing pins

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