August 11, 2012
By christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
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The days are long
nights longer still
regret and anger over the promises i couldn't fulfill
and we misplaced our frustration
on each other
groping for another
reason to believe
why this relationship just was not working
still, your touch is felt in my dreams
the fevered sun reminding me of your eyes whenever it gleams
and the winds of change are blowing
whispering your name
shouting accusations
that I'm the one to blame
fleecy clouds so high above
I've only known heartless love
my heart is encased in ice
i wasn't willing to roll the dice
not even for you...
because i have been hurt countless times and i know pain
and i just didn't think going into this relationship there was anything to be gained
i remember lying next to you
on Mulberry hill
and even though we were mere inches apart
the miles just kept getting further and further in my heart
i could have saved a love that night
if only i knew what to say
and yet instead of making amends
we found ourselves going our separate ways

The author's comments:
this is about a girl who cannot be in a serious relationship because she's been hurt too many times before.

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