Lost Fate

August 11, 2012
By winnie1010 BRONZE, Eldersburg, Maryland
winnie1010 BRONZE, Eldersburg, Maryland
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(read by boy and girl… lines without he/she are read by both)

He doesn’t want to work.
She doesn’t want to get fat.

If he runs, no one’s gonna follow.
If she stops running, no one’s gonna notice.

They meet eyes.
That’s all.

He stops looking, he doesn’t want to get his shoes dirty.
She stops looking because she’s not wearing lipstick.

The leaf falls on the ground.
They both step on it to hear,
The crunch.

Little things.

He walks with a purpose,
She walks with a strut.

He meant to say this,
She doesn’t really believe that.

He turns up the music, to turn down the world.
She turns up the music, to turn down her thoughts.


They meet eyes.
That’s all.

He puts up his hood to disappear,
She puts out to disappear.

He doesn’t want to look at the sun,
She doesn’t want to look away.

They both let the water hit their skin,
Before opening an umbrella.

Little things.

He walks on the edge,
She jumps off.
They both want to spread their wings.

He puts his hands in his pockets,
She reaches for a cigarette.
They both find comfort in these,
Little things.

He flips his hair,
She ties her shoes.

He knows a girl.
She knows a boy.
But that’s not them, they want the
Little things

He looks up at the sky,
She looks out at the clouds,
They wonder if there’s something more.

But he doesn’t want to work,
And she doesn’t want to get fat.

They meet eyes.
That’s all.

They meet eyes.
He stops looking,
So does she.
Empty thoughts,
Are all they’ll ever be.

That’s all.

The author's comments:
this was inspired as I was people watching on a bench in the park at the university of pittsburgh

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