You think you know me

August 9, 2012
By Skymage BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
Skymage BRONZE, Rochester, Minnesota
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You think you know me and will cast me aside
You really don’t know what actually happens inside
So here is a window
If you wish to see
What you could not in what you thought was my identity

You think you know me and will cast me aside
You try to find me but once I’m found you don’t look at what’s inside
You may think ignorant and out of style
But you merely look at the color scheme
But not at the complex patterns which are what is really me
You see me and I try to reach out
But you see me as weird and lonely but not see any good in me
Because you only look at the door and decide
Whether or not you like what’s inside
I try and fail to give you a guide
For the maze of feelings I lay out
But you turn back from the door
And judge right then I am not worth your time
Without even going inside

Who will give me one more try
So you can see what is really me

You think you know ne and that would be a lie
There is so much more than hate and anger
That merely shields what I actually fell inside
So I write from the soul
So you may try and succeed in finding the person that is really me
The way in is simple and is not hard to find
But my wall of feelings will trick you and send running back the way you came
But if you make it past the wall and discover what is really me
Only then will you know what is really me
But will look inside?
Or do you still think you know me and then cast me aside?

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