August 9, 2012
By davinci SILVER, Palmyra, Virginia
davinci SILVER, Palmyra, Virginia
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Shakin' in my boots
Gun in my hands
All I hear is bombs, bullets, and screams
I can't believe God gave this to me
Bullets ly, bombs burst, machine guns roar
I can't believe this is what I dreamed of
Each man you kill leaves a mental scar, so I've heard
All I've ever shot was a bird
People say you go deaf, blind, and can't breath when you meet death
For me, I hear the executioner's snare
The voice of every girl I've ever loved
I smell mac'n'chees and apple pie
Like a good old American boy
Then the bullet hits
The burn
The blackness
The rewind, rebirth
And life begins again
But this time something's different
You see life differently
You see life in third-person
You become... a ghost
Forever on the frontlines between life...
And something different
Forever a soldier
Forever on the frontlines
Forever... dying

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