Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

August 9, 2012
By davinci SILVER, Palmyra, Virginia
davinci SILVER, Palmyra, Virginia
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Blindingly Blonde Hair
Scinitillating Blue Eyes
Laugh of a royal heir
Smile that will you make you sigh

Content, happy
The feelings of a lucky boy
Sadness, despair
The feelings of a left boy

This girl would never truly leave
There, but just out of sight
I invite her to stay
She lingers just above my height

Too far out of reach
Some would say she haunts
Oh, I would teach them
Oh, if only I could reach
I reach, I reach
Further I still reach for her

Please my love, do not leave
It is only you I wish to see
To touch
To feel
To hold
To love
It is only you I wish to love

You and you alone forever
But no, you left
You left me for fields of corn
You left me to these spans of trees
But these trees, they mean nothing to me
Nothing does
Except for one
Only one thing matters now
The distance between us

All I ever wish to do is run my hand through your hair
Your hair, the color of the corn that you left me for

I wish to kiss your lips passionately
Stained the color of the cardinals of the land you left me to

Without you I am colorblind
Oh, how I love colors
Especially the ones I see in you

Brilliant Blonde
Scintillating Blue
Dear Amelia, How I Miss You

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