safe and sound

August 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Is it so much to ask
To feel safe?
I listen to Taylor swifts new song
It is called safe and sound
I listen to the lyrics
And I wonder why I cant feel safe
Why every day is always the same
Why I feel like the battle rages on
Right outside my door
But also rages inside
I am confused
But I know I must be strong
I run headfirst into the war
With no weapons in my hands
Hold back the tears
Hide the pain and shame
Keep going forward
Getting up when I fall down
Make your face a stone
Choose either lies or pain
And try to hold onto something
Take a deep breath
Face the enemy and fight
Then he cuts you down
Don't let him win
I know its hard, and its scary
He wants to cut you down
So he seems really big
He can hurt you a lot
He is stronger than you are
But he cant break your strength
When you feel like your nothing
You are someone special to me
I believe in you, I do
Stay strong
And maybe someday
You and I can be
Safe and sound.

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