Those girls.

August 5, 2012
You may think I’m crazy
You may think I’m too worried
You think I’m not trustful
You think I’m suspicious
But in all reality, I’m scared
I am afraid of everything good in life
I am afraid of the thing everyone strives for
I am afraid of the only thing some live for
Love is feared by me
Yes, this is true
I am afraid of the thing most love
Don’t believe me?
Well I’m also afraid of the consequences
I am afraid of the terrors of love
But I guess you could say I’m worried
But not of what you think
I am worried about me
I am worried there’s something… wrong with me
Stand in my shoes…
Pretend you’ve lived the way I’ve lived
Imagine, you’ve loved, the way I’ve loved
Try to see yourself, thinking as I think
Just stand there. Don’t even walk the block
Do you see it?
Do you see those girls?
Loving, living, laughing, the way I wish I could?
Do you see those girls?
You know, the ones that are stuck up, drug ridden, and whores.
Do you see them?
Being loved by someone, truly?
Do you?
I do… I see them
Living their hearts out
Where am I?
Looking at them…
Wondering what’s wrong with me…

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