Those girls.

August 5, 2012
By PrincessGaguya GOLD, Dallas, Texas
PrincessGaguya GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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"He who trusts all things to chance, makes a lottery of his life." -The Lord.

You may think I’m crazy
You may think I’m too worried
You think I’m not trustful
You think I’m suspicious
But in all reality, I’m scared
I am afraid of everything good in life
I am afraid of the thing everyone strives for
I am afraid of the only thing some live for
Love is feared by me
Yes, this is true
I am afraid of the thing most love
Don’t believe me?
Well I’m also afraid of the consequences
I am afraid of the terrors of love
But I guess you could say I’m worried
But not of what you think
I am worried about me
I am worried there’s something… wrong with me
Stand in my shoes…
Pretend you’ve lived the way I’ve lived
Imagine, you’ve loved, the way I’ve loved
Try to see yourself, thinking as I think
Just stand there. Don’t even walk the block
Do you see it?
Do you see those girls?
Loving, living, laughing, the way I wish I could?
Do you see those girls?
You know, the ones that are stuck up, drug ridden, and whores.
Do you see them?
Being loved by someone, truly?
Do you?
I do… I see them
Living their hearts out
Where am I?
Looking at them…
Wondering what’s wrong with me…

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