Of Innocence and Ignorance

August 4, 2012
By iamironzeppelin SILVER, Orlando, Florida
iamironzeppelin SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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I wish that I could be taken back
When I lived in ignorance
When the world did not have to confine
Within the limits of reality
My distant dreams were there
In my fingers
Now they crumble
And fall
Through my fingers
Dripping like blood
Into the well
It echoes
Rebounding against my heart
And I feel the pain

Back then
My young mind
With all my imagination
Could not come close
To encapsulate the evil
Of the world around me
It was my world
And that piece of the puzzle
Did not fit into it

In my world there were villians
But there were always heroes
And good always won in the end
I have grown older since then
With age comes wisdom
But with wisdom comes sacrifice
Leaving a child's soul broken
On the cruel altar of the world

I can see it now
Like spilled ink on a page
Merging the lines
There is no gray area
But there is no white either
Eclipsed as I look
Into the insensate mirror
And I wish I could be taken back

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