Cant be friends

August 4, 2012
By Laurenashleex33 BRONZE, New Port Richey, Florida
Laurenashleex33 BRONZE, New Port Richey, Florida
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Im thinking about everything. Like my past love , missed hugs and all in between. Nobody sees that the pieces of me are missing him so discreet. I wish that our lust could have just been lust but it turned into love and I wish an impossible wish that i could go back so I sit and reminisce about all the things that we used to be and now all I see is what should've been and how easily we could've been friends because now i cant even look at you and when I do i get so blue because the one I used to call my best friend couldn't even stay true, not to me, and not even to you. Its so sad because I thought I knew about us and about you. But you proved me so wrong and I cry almost everytime I hear our song and these words come to me just so simply like they were meant to be it hurts me mentally cause you were sent to me and I messed up so who am I to blame you? I fell in love with a guy, it was too good to be true. A year and a half plus a crazy ass past. I could never forget all that we've been through, the ton of good and the bad that we let brew. It was me who stayed but I wish it was you because right now we'd be together, through and through.

The author's comments:
This is to my ex boyfriend that I lied to and lost. My first love.

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