Truly Beautiful

August 4, 2012
That's what society tells us we are.
Every day we see pictures of
Celebrities and supermodels
In magazines, television, movies, advertisements
Perfect hair, perfect, skin, perfect body, perfect face.
Pretty. Fake pretty.
Airbrushed by people
Who want us to believe
That the way God made us
Isn't good enough
And never will be
Unless we conform to their model of "perfect."
We're flooded day in and day out
With this crazy idea
Formulated by deluded, selfish people
To make us buy more and more stuff.
We need to do this diet to be skinnier
Use this makeup or hair product or skin creme
To be pretty or look younger.
Watch this, read this, do this to be "cool."
They want us to think that
If we don't fit
into their little box
We're not good enough.
And we believe it.
It keeps us always wanting more
When really
The models we aspire to look like
Aren't beautiful.
The may be pretty
But not beautiful.
Because although it seems cliche
It's true-
Beauty is on the inside.
Each one of us has it
Inside ourselves
In our own unique ways
All different.
No two of us are the same.
Our differences are what makes us special
And beautiful
Perfect in our own way
But we squash one another's individuality
Because it scares us.
We see people different from us as weird
When really, we're all weird
In our own way.
There's no such thing as normal.
Character counts.
Show you're inner beauty.
Embrace your talents.
Share them with the world.
Use them for good.
Express yourself.
Refuse to conform.
Stand up.
Stand out.
Be kind.
Be generous.
And be loved.
Because you're worth it.
Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made
by the Creator of all things beautiful
Just the way you are.

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