the dangers of love

August 4, 2012
By Anonymous

why did you lie
to me last night
i asked for the truth
and you lied to my face
i love you so much
why did you have to do this to me?
i trusted you
i gave you my heart
why did you throw it away?
i need you here
where have you gone?
my heart is barely beating
the day you left and said bye
ripped me apart inside
did you ever even really love me?
of course you didn't
if you did, you would've said no
to her and walked away
but instead you decided to stay
so there's not much left i can say
i will miss you, miss us
but i will not be treated like a doormat
i love you, and that wont change
but i will not give in to your begs
i am moving on
maybe ill find someone who will actually treat me well
i cant believe it was you
you, the boy who said you hated cheating
the boy who said you'd love me
only me forever and ever
i was so stupid to believe
that a fairytale could become real
you got me, with my hands tied
you pushed me off a cliff
and watched as i fell headfirst
i will never truly trust again
and you are the one to blame
so as i close my eyes
to go to sleep
i will push you out of my mind
and maybe get a little sleep tonight
you were cold to me
but now its my turn
my heart turned to stone
when you left me
i felt my tears freeze in midair
like a blizzard was blowing around
i slowly turned my back on you
and walked away
was glad i didn't give in
i was tired of being treated like that
you begged me to forgive you
but it was already too late
when you said those words to me
it knocked me down so hard
that getting back up hurt so much
and i put up my wall
didn't want to hear your excuses
i hope you and her are happy now
you got what you wanted
you broke me, but not completely
i will be okay without you
and if i am ever cheated on again
by anyone i will do the same
i swear to god that i am not the same girl as i once was
and what you did made me stronger
so through all my bitterness
i say thank you
for showing me i need to be strong
that i cant trust anyone
that i have to be on guard
to survive this life
i will try to stop loving
i will try to stop wanting
but i know ill fall again
and when i do, it'll hurt way more
i now can see how rough love is
and i know all the dangers of love.

The author's comments:
be strong, don't give in to jerks who hurt you. i have done that too many times, and trust me it hurts worse every time. stand up for yourself, be brave. turn your back and walk away, it will be okay. <3

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