Faded Love

August 9, 2012
By PattiAriel GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
PattiAriel GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"You only gave me the power to reclaim every part of me I gave to you."

We had a great first year,
There was absolutely nothing we could possibly fear,
But then it all changed,
Or I should say you did,
You began acting strange,
You never meant what you said,
What went wrong?
We had been together for so long,
I became less important to you,
That much is clear and true,
Pretty soon it was cancelled date after another,
We seemed to talk less to each other,
Deep down I knew but I didn't want it to be true,
Our second year together began with a bash,
I had so much more to fear with every turn and every clash,
I kept holding on when all you wanted was to let go,
Our time was used up but I still love you so,
I've locked my heart, clogged up every miniscule part,
Maybe you all are the same,
How quickly you've forgotten my name,
Our affection promptly faded,
My outlook now towards love is dangerously jaded,
I thought that I still needed you,
I guess on some level I still do,
I keep on missing you; I keep on loving you,
With each passing day I become less blue,
I was convinced I was drowning,
But they kept me alive and floating,
The darkness seemed overwhelming but the sunlight was inspiring,
I'm learning to smile again,
I’m no longer just a piece of grain,
I will be higher than the wind can see,
You won’t be able to find me,
You never intended to hurt me like you did,
After all was said and done, you fell off the grid,
I’ve had to overcome challenges after one another,
Looking backward only brings out others,
No! I smile and look ahead,
I can’t remember anything that you once said,
I’ll be okay, no matter what you think or say,
You chose to leave, that’s what I believe,
Your heart was supposed to be mine,
But it was stolen by a girl with four doors and an engine this time,
I’ll take my heart; I’ll take it back,
You’ll realize your mistake and soon crack,
It’s over and I see that, no one is to blame,
To you it was all just an endless game,
We never forget, but we may forgive,
So you go on and forget, but me, I’ll go on and live.

The author's comments:
Just one last poem that revolves around my break-up. It's over but I'm done wallowing, it's time to look up and smile.

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