The Storm

August 9, 2012
By Lost12 BRONZE, Willow River, Minnesota
Lost12 BRONZE, Willow River, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Out of the darkness comes enlightenment.

Chaotic order
Within a mind whose story is yet untold
The coming storm brewing
A vicious outbreak of devastation
Lightening flashes beneath eyes of ice
Fire burns within a heart made of steel
An all consuming hatred festering
Within the peaceful soul
All is felt and yet unknown

Welling up deep inside
Time is at its end
Nothing and no one can be prepared
Gentle hands clench into aggressive fists
Eyes of light brimming with tears born of the dark
Emotions once diluted
Now ignite with a solitary goal

That which is set into stone
Shall all shatter upon the eruption
Volcanic pressure building
Within a chest that has contained it all too long
Lips curl not into the customary smile no
Pulling back into a snarl of contempt
All that is known will be rewritten

The perfect storm
Within a perfect host
All things brought together
Leading to all being torn apart
Knowledge of the event cannot possibly stall it
The darkness grows as the brightness dims
Sanity is lost
As intellect is gained

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