Eyes of Wisdom

August 9, 2012
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Wisdom in the eyes of those so young
Is proof that the world has gone and done something wrong
Adolescent eyes should be filled with wonder and awe
Not shimmering with tears mingled with fear
All over the world children are dying and crying
While the people who can help don't glance back
There once was a time when the world could be saved
No longer is this true, the hope that once was is merely a fairy tale
This godforsaken place that we all love
Is dying all around
The blame does not rest in climate change
The Earth is strong and will repair
No the blame rests in the death of our souls
When innocence is stripped away
At such a tender young age
What hope remains that the future will be held in the hands of the loving and caring
Rather than the grasp of the hateful and despairing souls that shall be birthed of the children with such great wisdom in their eyes.

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