August 9, 2012
By rebemwal BRONZE, Exton, Pennsylvania
rebemwal BRONZE, Exton, Pennsylvania
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I want you, so bad. I want all of you.
I want your hands in mine, and on my legs while we talk and on my waist or around my shoulders as we walk together.
I want your hand on my cheek as you kiss me while your other hand pulls me closer to you.
I want you to hold me against you, we don’t even have to do anything but lay together, intertwined. I want to lay on your chest and kiss you and finally feel safe from the scary things around and inside me.
I want your body behind mine as I lay with my head on your chest and your hands in mine and we can watch your favorite movies, I know, Casablanca and also old westerns, you told me, I remembered.
Your lips, I want them pressed against mine, soft, and turning lustful until you move to my neck and my collarbone because you just want all of me.
I want your eyes, meeting mine as we talk.
I’ll share my fears and you’ll share yours; things about the people we’ve loved and lost and the people we’ve gained; the things we’ve done and why and what we’ve become since then.
I’ll tell you how I want more than anything to live in the city and you’ll disagree and tell me you would hate living there, it’s too stressful. You’ll say you’d rather live in a place where we are now and I’d tell you I need the adventure of the city.
There’s more to do and I want to do all of that with you.
I want, no, need you to tell me and prove to me that I’m finally good enough and that I don’t need to worry about all of the silly insecurities I’ve had since before I met you. You’ll look at me with those eyes, and even though I don’t like my body, your eyes show that you do.
And you’ll tell me I shouldn’t hurt myself and how you’ll always be there when I need you, even though it turns out to be that I need you quite often.
I need you because I finally feel safe and calm with you, I’ve been going through a lot and it’s scary and I need someone to help me and pull me through.
I need you to be that someone for me.

The author's comments:
One night at about 2:30 am I was thinking of just exactly why I felt as though I needed him to feel happy or safe and somehow this came from it.

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