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Our Fantasy

August 8, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s comfortable here, atop this rocky cliff.
The skies that were blue minutes ago are now cloudy and gray,
And rain is threatening to start pouring from the sky.
Below me, sea green waves hit the rocks playfully,
Spraying my knees with mist.
My hands find the green grass that we used to play in long ago as young children,
Blades so soft, fresh, and alive, so comforting.
The earth that reminds me of you.

I wonder if you can see me now, because I’m thinking of you.
It was a clever idea to call me to this place right now,
Your favorite view of the icy ocean.
It’s cruel to remind me of times we shared when you were still here.
Sometimes when I come here, I forget that you are gone.
I can retrace your footsteps on the earth, your tread from the grass to the rocks
I can recall the sound of the splashes from your dives down to the waves below.
I can still see the dandelions you picked and gave me when we lay here,
A wreath of flowers that lay on top of my head, crafted by your delicate hands.
Behind the clouds, I still picture that sunset, a brilliant splash of yellow and deep orange.
Colors that remind me of the day we just lay here, forgetting life.
I remember looking up at the shining stars as a breeze sent a chill down my spine,
Your presence making the view that much more beautiful,
The sound of the crickets and sloshing water lulling us to sleep.
This place used to mean so much to me,
Our secret garden, playground, sanctuary.
Our one fantasy away from the hostile truth.

But now that you’re gone,
This place
Stings of reality.

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