Man on the Moon

August 8, 2012
By Anonymous

I dissolved into the emerald grass of the dewy knoll,
Gazing up at the winking sky,
And there, I see a solitary man staring back at me.
His face,
Usually so generous and kind,
Seems gloomy,
And suddenly, I want to cry.
His deep-set eyes,
Glittering with soon to be spilled tears,
Gaze down at me lovingly,
Watching over me,
Protecting me forever.
His mouth,
Frowning like a weeping child’s,
Seems to form the words,
“I will always be here for you.”
While this pale, bodiless man,
So sad and loving,
Watches over me in my life,
I will always be safe.

The author's comments:
I beleive that I was originally writing this just as an assignment, simply a man on the moon, a whimsical subject. But then,as I dekved deeper into the piece, i discovered something more. I realized I was writing about how my uncle died, and my belief that he would always be with me. I hope that all who read with gain the same comfort that I have, knowing that their relatives who have passed are still with them, whether on the moon as I have written, or what.

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