Ode to Oblivion

August 8, 2012
By Anonymous

The sky is dark.
The rain has stopped.
Now it is silent.
Now I walk.
I take a trip,
a venture,
down the road of my world.
I see memories replayed
for my amusement,
my joy,
and my sincere happiness.
I walk by the windows of my past,
the gateways into who I am.
Those memories made me.
Those dreams created me.
I come to a fork in my path,
separated by a single lamppost.
Glowing in the night,
an amber flame sends rays of fire through the fog.
Two roads before me.
On my left I see
a road darkened by despair,
weakened by pestilence.
On my right I see
a road littered with stepped stones to the stars.
The amber fire has now turned
into a golden orb,
glittering with beauty,
sparkling with enchantment.
Released from the glass,
it floats away,
daring me to follow,
begging me to come.
It drifts down the right hand road.
I take a step forward,
then I fall.
I fall into Oblivion.
I fall into dreamworld.
It is calm here.
I feel at ease.
I feel happy.
Oddly happy.
A sensation then ripples through my veins.
I feel my heart beating
faster and faster.
Flames erupt everywhere.
My dream world,
my flawless fantasy,
has turned into a bottomless pit,
an infernal purgatory,
of everlasting fire and suffering.

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