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Lions and Lies

August 8, 2012
By Anonymous

You feed me a lie.
I’ll take it willingly.
You’re nothing but a ringmaster,
and I’m the diligent lion.
You feed me lies like you feed me meals.
You throw them at me.
You just toss them in.
I catch them.
You feed me lies.
You are nothing but an illusion,
a deception.
You put on a show,
and use me for your fame,
your gain.
after the applause,
you toss me aside once more.
You forget me.
Then later,
I am fed more lies.
They are sickening words of dishonesty.

I awake on the final morning.
My cage opens.
I see you.
You try to feed me another lie.
More poison to my heart.
I refuse to accept.
I take your lie,
your little work of forgery,
your mastered art of perjury,
and I stab you.
I claw your eyes.
I claw your soul.
I claw your heart.
Blood spills.
Tolerance has vanished.
My carelessness is looming.
Never count a lion a fool.
Never take a lion for granted.
And never feed a lion a lie.

The author's comments:
During my early teen years, my parents got divorced and I never had a good relationship with my dad because he was always negative towards the things I did. He always would tell me that I couldn't accomplish the things I had set out for. This poem was written to tell my dad that I can and will accomplish everything I set out for. This poem was to prove him wrong. This poem was to prove that I was a lion and all he would do was feed me lies.

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